CWTVChild Witness to Violence Program
CWTVClover Wound Tumour Virus (plant virus)
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The fact that some potential CWTV viewers were outside the company network, along with their geographic dispersal, eliminated the possibility of using an intranet to stream video.
But Cushman & Wakefield's primary use of CWTV is for senior management messages delivered globally--or at least, that's the plan.
Television Group (WBTVG) will launch Socialthing[TM], a new online platform for socializing websites across WBTVG's digital destination businesses, such as CWTV.
Whether it's a hot new shot from "Gossip Girl" at CWTV.
The ability to show higher view rates with CWTV versus sending a link to a video through email, definitely supports our ROI, along with the lack of interference on our internal and external bandwidth," added Jensen.
CWTV resides on all Cushman & Wakefield desktops or laptops and employees are automatically notified of content to be viewed by a pop-up delivery alert on their monitor.