CWVCatholic War Veterans
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CWVColumnar Water Vapor
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In November 1994, Public Law 03-446 required the VA to create the CWV as a means to monitor and coordinate VA programs for women.
Two years following the creation of the CWV, the VA hosted the first-ever National Summit on Women Veterans Issues.
Days (2005) Category [AOD.sub.500] [AE.sub.340-870] CWV (cm) October 29 NA 1.06 1.26 1.63 October 30 NA 0.98 1.21 1.34 October 31 AF 1.31 1.18 1.39 November 01 AF 1.49 1.15 1.61 November 02 AF 1.17 1.16 1.58 November 03 NA 1.10 1.13 1.51 November 04 NA 0.72 1.14 1.45 Days (2005) Category Abs.
Vetch in the CWV rotation was sown into standing wheat stubble during late February or early March following summer rains, and that in CV after cotton picking and pupae-busting, in late May or early June.
Results of soil water storage during the winter rotation seasons (2009, 2010) were analysed by grouping according to the crops that were in the field at any one time: stage 1 corresponds to the period when only vetch in the CWV sequence was present; stage 2 to the period when rotation crops from all four treatments were present; stage 3 to the period when wheat crops in CW and CWV and vetch in the CV sequence were present; and stage 4 the period when wheat crops in CW and CWV were present.
According to the company, the CWV supports GPRS, 3G and HSDPA and can provide connectivity via any network, with the user required to put the appropriate SIM card into the unit, adjust two of the configuration settings and power up.
The CWV is reportedly targeted at mid- to high-end applications in outdoor or industrial environments.
recently announced that two of its hydrogen storage systems will be demonstrated at the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) in Toronto, Ontario, which is scheduled to begin later this week, with one being used in Hydrogenics Corporation's HySTAT fuel cell (FC) stationary generator/hydrogen refueler and the other in Deere and Company's technology demonstrator FC-powered commercial work vehicle (CWV).
said it is working with Hydrogenics Corp., a Canadian fuel cell manufacturer, to develop a technology demonstrator fuel cell-powered commercial work vehicle (CWV).
2013), total column water vapor (CWV), [O.sub.3], and N[O.sub.2], (Segal Rosenhaimer et al.
Louise, who has an Advanced CIM Marketing qualification, has a wealth of experience following a previous role at the CWV Group where she worked on behalf of consumer facing and retail brands including Mattel, Disney, Marks and Spencer and Benetton.
In this study we compared root growth and associated indices of vetch in cotton-vetch (CV), vetch and wheat in cotton-wheat-vetch (CWV), and wheat in cotton-wheat (CW).