CWWCrossword Weaver
CWWChief Wildlife Warden (India)
CWWCarolina West Wireless (North Carolina)
CWWCompressed Work Week
CWWChildren without Worms (intestinal worms; partnership)
CWWCity West Water (Australia)
CWWColumbus Water Works (Columbus, Georgia, USA)
CWWChurch Without Walls (various religious organizations)
CWWCruciform Wing Weapon
CWWCompany Wide Web (intranet)
CWWChristian Wings for the World (missionary aviation school)
CWWCopy What Works
CWWCommunication World Wide
CWWCrossword Weaver (puzzle creator software)
CWWCouncil for the Written Word (Franklin, Tennessee)
CWWConsumer Webwatch
CWWCooperative Weather Watch
CWWCustomer Wide Web (Shell Global Solutions)
CWWComputer Wise Wholesalers
CWWClinics Without Walls
CWWCreative Worship Workshop
CWWChildren Worldwide Web (Internet/domain concept)
CWWClear Wireless Workplace (Sprint PCS)
CWWCorrectional Worker's Week (Federal Bureau of Prisons)
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Defend Job Philippines said the CWW Bill was "anti-labor" and would "worsen the already dire and down-the-drain state of wages of Filipino workers, contractualization, massive retrenchment, occupational hazards among others."
"Our contribution in the CWW emanated from our commitment to Egypt's overall sustainable development, especially in the water sector.
In the Virology Unit laboratory of Institut Pasteur, Cambodia, we concentrated viruses in the CWW samples as previously described (11).
Jorge Sison, Immediate past President and CWW Chairman Dr.
I offer myself to help a workmate who is CWW 0.749 having difficulties at work 40.
From the very beginning, the CWW group was an eclectic mix of teens of varied talents and demographics.
Britt and Per are members of the British Circle of Wine Writers (CWW), the International Wine Writers Federation (FIJEV), the French Wine Press Association (APV), the International Wine and Food Society (IWFS) and several other wine and gastronomic organisations.
This work has been organized as follows; at Section II the steps to optimize a given function with Circular Water Wave (CWW) algorithm are explained, at Section III benchmark functions, search domain of each function and best values of these function are provided, at Section IV experimental result of WCC, PSO and ABC are given and discussed, finally at Section V conclusion of the experimental result of Circular Water Wave algorithm and possible future research topics are given.
Size: 40 mm CWW. (excluding spines).[1] Distinguishing features: Cream, round carapace with red dots and two lateral spines.
Mr CWW Surridge (barrister) presided with Mr G H Potter (Employer's Panel) and Mr John F Sharpe (Workmen's Panel) as assessors.
(CWW), an Ottawa-based leader in pipeline rehabilitation, to restore the sewage pipes serving an automobile factory in Windsor, Ontario.