CXEComputer to External Environments Interface
CXECommon XML (Extensible Markup Language) Envelope (computing)
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For adding liquidity to the CXE lit order book, trading participants will receive a rebate of 0.
Pricing for the BXE and CXE dark order books remains unchanged.
Affected model numbers include: All COLLEAGUE Volumetric Infusion Pump Mono 2M8151 and 2M8153, CX 2M8161 and 2M8163, and CXE 2M9161 and 2M9163.
CXE will continue to invest, under normal market conditions, at least 80% of its net assets in tax-exempt bonds and tax-exempt notes.
ActiveEducation's CXE certification program addresses business and industry demand for developers who have certified their knowledge of XML technology -- simplifying and speeding the development of e-business enabling solutions.
SwitchCore's CXE technology makes it possible to achieve the highest degree of functionality on a small surface, which in turn gives customers greater capacity at lower per port costs.
Testing for ActiveEducation's CXE program will be available effective in Q4, 2001 at Prometric Testing centers.
ActiveEducation's CXE program provides a vendor-neutral, performance-based exam in which students create working XML documents.
Since its start, the company has followed its strategy to build a patent portfolio that protects critical parts of its CXE technology.
SwitchCore's CXE technology was the first commercially available switch fabric to offer these capabilities and, through close collaboration, this technology has now enabled RAMiX to be the first manufacturer of Commercial Off-The-Shelf embedded switches to achieve this functionality.
When SwitchCore was completing development of its CXE product line, we considered several software companies and quickly recognized the value of the FASTPATH products.