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CXFSClustered Extended File System
CXFSCisco Express Foundation for Systems Engineers (certification course)
CXFSClustered Extended File System (SGI)
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In an effort to produce actionable intelligence fused from multiple sensors and digital media assets, The Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) purchased an SGI solution that integrates an SGI Altix 450 server, an InfiniteStorage SAN and a real-time CXFS environment into a very diverse heterogeneous compute and network environment -- all based on an open systems, high-speed InfiniBand LAN and WAN enabled architecture.
CXFS cuts time to solution by eliminating file duplication and the time it takes to move large files over networks.
Previously, large visual effects files created on Mac OS X, using highly popular software such as Final Cut Pro, Shake, Discreet combustion and Adobe Photoshop and After Effects had to be moved around a media facility, taking up to twice as much time as sharing the files using CXFS SAN.
The way out of this dilemma, according to SGI, is to create a hybrid NAS-SAN architecture that uses a clustered file system such as CXFS that allows SAN connectivity as well as actual NAS-style file sharing, but across a much larger storage array and across a broad number of different platforms.
Technical computing customers with multiple operating systems will greatly benefit from the new 2Gb SAN coupled with the recently announced SGI CXFS Version 2.
A separate SGI(R) Altix(R) 350 system is deployed as a metadata server for CXFS, coordinating data access between heterogeneous CXFS clients.