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CXFSClustered Extended File System
CXFSCisco Express Foundation for Systems Engineers (certification course)
CXFSClustered Extended File System (SGI)
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SGI's data storage and management is also enhanced with CXFS, the industry's fastest shared filesystem for storage area networks.
Previously, large visual effects files created on Mac OS X, using highly popular software such as Final Cut Pro, Shake, Discreet combustion and Adobe Photoshop and After Effects had to be moved around a media facility, taking up to twice as much time as sharing the files using CXFS SAN.
SGI InfiniteStorage Shared Filesystem CXFS will support the growing number of Power Mac G4 and G5 single- or dual-processor systems.
"SGI CXFS SAN allows film and video facilities to integrate popular applications running on Mac OS X as part of their workflow."
SGI InfiniteStorage Shared Filesystem CXFS is in production at hundreds of sites including major film and visual effects studios such as Hollywood giant Pacific Title & Art Studio for Digital Intermediates, San Francisco/Los Angeles' The Orphanage and media powerhouse Ascent Media, which exemplifies the need for the Mac OS X client.
"Instead of wasting time moving data around, our move to an SGI CXFS SAN shared filesystem has had a huge impact on us on a day-to-day basis.
"Our SGI CXFS shared filesystem has allowed us to move more of our workflow to file-based and networked architectures, with the ability to have only one copy of our content, and to share access to it from IRIX, Windows, and Linux hosts as though it were on local storage-but the last remaining major player has been noticeably absent," said Phil Mendelson, senior vice president of Engineering, Ascent Media Creative Services.
The way out of this dilemma, according to SGI, is to create a hybrid NAS-SAN architecture that uses a clustered file system such as CXFS that allows SAN connectivity as well as actual NAS-style file sharing, but across a much larger storage array and across a broad number of different platforms.
This week's storage announcements from SGI are about more than a new version of CXFS. SGI is delivering three new storage arrays, which it OEMs from LSI Logic Inc (as do a number of large server and storage vendors, including rival IBM).
This is what allows CXFS to keep track of what server is using and altering what data set on the arrays, and keep all servers out of contention as they share the data.
The NAS 2000 scales from 1TB to 112TB, and including CXFS and other components, and entry array (presumably with 1TB of capacity) has a U.S.
Technical computing customers with multiple operating systems will greatly benefit from the new 2Gb SAN coupled with the recently announced SGI CXFS Version 2.0 -- the world's most scalable journaled and clustered filesystem -- with extended capabilities to support the Solaris operating system.