CXICommon X Interface (X Window System)
CXICircuit Exchange International (UK)
CXIColor Mixer (Wyron, stage lighting)
CXIChemical Exchange Industries (chemical manufacturer; Texas)
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We are pleased to offer seamless access to CXi through ECinteractive and Dforce2, increasing the amount of time shoppers spend on the site, which fosters further loyalty and strengthens the relationship between the dealer and their customer.
8220;ECi's goal is to provide technology that gives independents a clear competitive advantage, and CXi will do just that.
90GHz), the Chromebox CXI provides enough speed for fueling multiple projects simultaneously and leveraging HD video and applications.
Every gelstring is built with a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag that relays information to the sensors on Coloram IT and CXI IT.
The CXi measures the customer experience standards for 46 firms in 4 different industries: retail, airline, hotel, and banking, based on a survey of 4,500 online consumers in metropolitan China.
We had an excellent response and a lot of positive feedback from our recent launches of Design 3D CX7 for Mac and Design 3D CXi in the Mac App Store.
Early in 2011, Stefanini acquired CXI, a leading provider of technical staffing services and SAP consulting.
He was formerly the Chief Technical Officer of Element CXI and Monterey Design Automation and brings more than 20 years of complex SoC design experience to Arteris.
Participating companies include ARM, Connex Technologies, Element CXI, EEMBC, Freescale Semiconductor, Handshake Solutions, Intelasys, LSI Logic, MIPS Technologies, National Instruments, National Semiconductor, P.
With the recent acquisitions of TechTeam Global and CXI, Stefanini TechTeam combines the global reach and breadth of services of today's largest outsourcers, with the flexibility, localized focus and responsiveness typically only available from smaller, regional providers.
The suite includes employee information and terminal management systems, as well a CXI service that provides XML-based interfaces.
Earlier this year, Stefanini IT Solutions also acquired Virginia based CXI, a leading provider of SAP development and consulting services.