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CXRChest X-Ray
CXRChristmas Island (ISO Country code)
CXRConventional X-Ray
CXRCoherent X-Radiation
CXRCharacteristic X-Radiation
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Literature suggests that lung ultrasonography (LUS) can have diagnostic accuracy better than CXR and comparable to CT scan in diagnosing lung pathologies (3, 5-9).
CXR and CT Scan chest revealed herniation of affected lobe, with mediastinal shift in 2 patients of CLE on the left side and right para tracheal cyst in case of bronchogenic cyst (Figure 1-C).
The CXR PA revealed an infiltration in the right lower lobe with effusion (Figure 2).
Greater CG external borrowing at market rates (9.0% to 9.25%) and some at less than 24-month maturities have weakened Suriname's external debt service ratio to 17.6% of CXR relative to the current 'B' median at 11.7% in 2018.
The selection procedure was managed by a national board-certified radiologist who had 5 years of experience in CXR interpretation.
Our protocol includes regular CXR, but abdominal imaging is omitted due to high rates of retroperitoneal disease control.
Thus, the majority of patients without PE (51.7%) had non-PE finding(s) on CTPA that were not apparent on CXR. Despite this, combining type III and nil-non-PE finding groups would indicate that 81.1% of scans did not alter management in any way, and the remaining 18.9% required some form of intervention or follow-up.
Through review of systems, pulmonary disease was suspected prompting a CXR. A thorough history revealed abdominal pain which was corroborated by physical examination findings.
A diameter of the induration of [greater than or equal to] 10 mm was considered as positive PPD and further investigation with CXR was recommended.
After enrollment, all patients were admitted to the high-altitude disease ward and underwent LUS, CXR, and a physical examination.
A repeat CXR six weeks postoperatively continued to demonstrate an elevated right hemidiaphragm and rightsided pleural effusion, unchanged from his previous CXR (Figure 1).