CYACCommunity Youth Athletic Center (San Diego, CA)
CYACContemporary Youth Arts Company (Charleston, WV)
CYACCongressional Youth Advisory Council
CYACChild and Youth Advocacy Center
CYACChildren and Youth Action Committee (Canada)
CYACCancer in Young Adults in Canada
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Says Carlos Barragan, founder of the CYAC, "Mario Lopez grew up in the same kind of community these kids are in, and he faced the same problems they do, but he didn't use that as a crutch to justify doing the wrong thing.
Barragan, who started the center in 1991, says it's easy for people in the hard-strapped community to blame economics or discrimination for not succeeding, but having someone like Lopez being part of CYAC gives the kids hope--and a solid example of someone who didn't let the odds beat him.
CYAC Winter Show, Dec 16-19 tickets pounds 10, 0161 274 0600 , contact-theatre.