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CYBACharter Yacht Broker Association
CYBACalifornia Yacht Brokers Association
CYBACybertron Army
CYBAColumbia Yacht Brokers Association
CYBAConejo Youth Basketball Association (Conejo Valley, California)
CYBAColumbia Youth Basketball Association
CYBAClean Yellow Bus Association
CYBACity Youth Basketball Association
CYBACaribbean Yacht Brokers Association
CYBAClinton Youth Basketball Association
CYBACooper-Young Business Association (Tennessee)
CYBACanadian Youth Business Association
CYBACover Your Blog Ass
CYBAChilliwack Youth Basketball Association (Canada)
CYBACanadian Yoseikan Budo Association
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Both the CYBA and the CYVIC are self-report questionnaires composed of 19 items with a Likert-type response format; the respondent is asked to indicate, for the period covering the previous three months, the frequency with which they have received or produced the cyberbehavior described in each statement (from 1=never to 4=always).
Coli 4%; normal values 1-10%, 98-100%, and 97-100%, resp.) leading to a probable diagnosis of CGD later confirmed with mutation analysis disclosing a "homozygous autosomal recessive c.369 + 1G> A mutation" in CYBA gene- [p22.sup.phox].
H661 cells were therefore engineered to express NOX1, NOXOl, and NOXA1, as these cells lack endogenous CYBA ([p22.sup.phox]), the assembly of a functional NOX1 complex could only be achieved upon the addition of this subunit.
We selected 18 candidate genes related to As metabolism (PNP, GSTO1, GSTM1, GSTP1, GSTT1, AS3MT, MTHFR, and CBS), oxidative stress (HMOX1, NOS3, SOD2, and CYBA), and inflammation/endothelial dysfunction (APOE, TNF, IL6, ICAM1, VCAM1, and S1PR1).
These are CYBA, encoding p22phox; NCF2, encoding p67phox; NCF1, encoding p47phox; and NCF4, encoding p40phox, with the latter being the most recently described (1-6).
Charter boat Alternate Latitude was recently honored as the Most Eco-Friendly Sailing Yacht as part of the Charter Yacht Brokers Association (CYBA) International's Save the Blue Awards.
(25.) Moreno MU, Jose GS, Fortuno A, Beloqui O, Diez J, Zalba G: The C242T CYBA polymorphism of NADPH oxidase is associated with essential hypertension.
Nosikov, "Association of the CYBA, PPARGC1A, PPARG3, and PPARD gene variants with coronary artery disease and metabolic risk factors of coronary atherosclerosis in a Russian population," Heart and Vessels, vol.
The subunit of cytochrome b is encoded by the CYBA gene and is a primary component of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate oxidase.
A session titled "Global Economic Developments: Direct Impact on the Media and Future Implications," moderated by Al-Arabiya presenter Cyba Audi, attracted a huge gathering.