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CYBBCytochrome B(-245), Beta subunit
CYBBCornwall Youth Brass Band (UK)
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4) Other CYBB mutations not related to CGD have also been associated with X-linked recessive mendelian susceptibility to mycobacteria.
Sequencing of the CYBB gene documented a novel insertiondeletion mutation in exon 10 which resulted in amino acid alterations at positions 388 and 389.
A splice-supporting intronic mutation in the last by position of a cryptic exon within intron 6 of the CYBB gene induces its incorporation into the mRNA causing chronic granulomatous disease (CGD).
We first determined the absolute gene dosages (sum of SMN1 and SMN2), using CYBB and KRIT1 as internal quantification references (Fig.
Cocuk Olum Riski I, 1980-1985 yillari arasinda Amerika Birlesik Devletleri'ndeki CYBB verileri kullanilarak gelistirilmistir.