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CYBER[not an acronym] a prefix which derives from cybernetics; used to denote topics related to computers and/or networks
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Companies offering cyber risk coverage report that it is gaining new attention in retail, financial, medical, and communications companies because these industries want to protect their bottom line: the computer-networked information assets that make up their infrastructures.
Authorities say it's time to crack down on cyber cafe violence before it gets out of hand.
As it stands in Glendale, there are no special regulations for cyber cafe businesses, which cater largely to teenagers.
This comprehensive 358 page report from visiongain is a completely fresh market assessment of the Cyber Security sector based upon the latest information.
Games at Cyber House are geared toward the future, said Luis Lopez, a computer systems analyst and part owner of Cyber House.
Italy forecast 2014-2024 - Canada forecast 2014-2024 - Israel forecast 2014-2024 - India forecast 2014-2024 - Australia forecast 2014-2024 -- Understand cyber security industry activity with detailed data revealing where companies are earning their revenues and with what products and with which technology.
This report examines, analyzes, and predicts the evolution of technologies, markets, and outlays (expenditures) of offensive and defensive Cyber Weapons over the next 10 years - 2014-2024.
Identify the high-growth markets in the global smart grid cyber security arena - Facilitate strategic decision making in the smart grid cyber security industry - Inform your decisions on market penetration and expansion plans in the smart grid cyber security industry - Identify and capitalize on key industry trends - Develop a robust understanding of the historic market scenario to inform your deal-making decisions - Gain competitive intelligence in the global smart grid cyber security industry - Chalk out an action plan for a smart grid cyber security product roll-out
ISC)2 is supporting National Cyber Security Awareness Month by asking our members to conduct a Cyber Security Awareness Day at their places of business to instill better cyber security habits throughout the enterprise that can be practiced throughout the year," said Pat Myers, CISSP-ISSMP, chairperson, board of directors, (ISC)2.
Purchase orders having an aggregate value of approximately $1 million have been received by Cyber Digital, and it is anticipated that letters of credit with respect to these orders will soon be received.
Leveraging technology, processes and people, the 2006 edition of the Chemical Sector Cyber Security Strategy is intended to guide the chemical sector as it continues to work to help protect communities, facilitate safe operations, prevent unauthorized taking of proprietary information and enable business continuity throughout the global industry.