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CYBER[not an acronym] a prefix which derives from cybernetics; used to denote topics related to computers and/or networks
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In 2017, the annual loss to global economy was around $450 billion due to lack of stringent cyber security measures and it is likely to increase to $2 trillion by 2019.
Cyber RiskScope solutions can be tailored to match a client's budget by controlling the depth of analysis and the extent of Dynetics expertise applied to a cyber risk assessment.
CERT/CC also is affiliated with Carnegie Mellon's Cyber Security Laboratory.
Companies offering cyber risk coverage report that it is gaining new attention in retail, financial, medical, and communications companies because these industries want to protect their bottom line: the computer-networked information assets that make up their infrastructures.
Authorities say it's time to crack down on cyber cafe violence before it gets out of hand.
As it stands in Glendale, there are no special regulations for cyber cafe businesses, which cater largely to teenagers.
Games at Cyber House are geared toward the future, said Luis Lopez, a computer systems analyst and part owner of Cyber House.
ISC)2 is supporting National Cyber Security Awareness Month by asking our members to conduct a Cyber Security Awareness Day at their places of business to instill better cyber security habits throughout the enterprise that can be practiced throughout the year," said Pat Myers, CISSP-ISSMP, chairperson, board of directors, (ISC)2.
Renewing the Cyber Security Program's vision for the next four years, the updated strategy organizes the path forward for the chemical sector into five key elements: information sharing, guidance enhancement and relevance, sector-wide adoption, enhanced security in technology solutions and government relations.
While Noonan commended existing private sector and public-private cooperative efforts to address the impending threat to our nation's online infrastructure, he also recommended increased federal government leadership in keeping cyber preparedness squarely on the national agenda.
With the ever-changing facets of cyber security, the Cyber Security Program provides valuable networking opportunities and resources to security professionals in the chemical industry," said Neil Hershfield, director of the Chemical Sector Cyber Security Program and a Dow Chemical Company employee.
The Cyber Park was established to provide the support and facilities required by firms in the high technology sectors off shoring their operations.