CYCECommittee on Yale College Education (Yale University; New Haven, CT)
CYCEHuron Airpark Airport (Canada)
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Subsequently, E2F activates the transcription of CycE, which forms a complex with Cdk2 to further remove Rb repression, establishing a positive feedback loop.
On the other hand, through numerical simulations, we calculated the critical value of [[tau].sub.0], giving the time courses of E2F, CycE, and miR449 both [tau] < [[tau].sub.0] and [tau] > [[tau].sub.0], drawing the bifurcation diagrams of E2F, CycE, and miR449, respectively, and testifying the correctness of the theory.
Wrexham Council should be praised for trying to decrease traffic and pollution via the establishment of cyce paths, having Agenda 21 and encouraging public transport.