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CYDECenter for Youth Development and Employment (various locations)
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ResQ FR Fabrics from Milliken & Co., Spartanburg, S.C., reduce body burn by as much as 50% through a mechanism that breaks the "Fire Cyde"--fuel, oxygen, and heat.
The findings point to two primary issues: empowering sales reps with tools that work for them and streamlining the sales cyde for the client or prospect.
Caught in this cyde, Lerman's human "units" are perpetually dying.
Falkowski, P.G., 1997, Evolution of the nitrogen cyde and its influence on the biological sequestration of CO2 in the ocean: Nature, v.
Individually designed plans are on a five-year cyde. The restatement deadlines for those plans will be staggered, based on the last digit of the employer's employer identification number.
Record prices were made for Huang Yongping, whose Sixty-Year Cyde Chariot of 1999-2000 made HK$3.38m ($432,539) against an estimate of HK$1m-$1.5m.
"States and the Business Cyde," Journal of Urban Economics, vol.
We performed flow cytometric analysis of cell cyde distribution and apoptosis with an LSRII flow cytometer with a 488-nm argon-ion laser (Becton Dickinson, San Jose, CA, USA).
The group added a fourth member, changed its name to the Phar- cyde and released its debut album, "Bizarre Ride II: The Pharcyde," which went gold with now-classics such as "Ya Mama" and "Passin' Me By."
The Bear Lake machine runs two 10-hour shifts per day Monday through Thursday, and a single 12-hour shift on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for a weekly operating cyde of 116 hours.
As we know from the fifth song, "Hier ist Friede" (Here Is Peace), the cyde does not end with a solution to the Frauenfrage; rather, it suspends woman in a figuratively frozen state of sorrow and ultimate marginality (the voice sings, "Hier sind keine Menschen, keine Ansiedlungen" [Here there are no people, no settlements]).