CYDVCereal Yellow Dwarf Virus
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After the backcross to Caldwell, an [F.sub.2] plant was identified as having a low concentration of BYDV and CYDV by ELISA testing (values of 0-0.1 in various tests) compared to susceptible Abe (values of 0.5-1.0) at 14 d after infestation of 2- to 3-leaf seedlings with viruliferous aphids (Rhopalosiphum padi).
ELISA values in a four-replicate test, 14 d after infestation with aphids viruliferous for BYDV and CYDV, for P961341 and Abe were, respectively, 0.095 and 0.516, LS[D.sub.0.05] = 0.264.
P961341 is intended to provide a source of resistance to BYDV and CYDV for wheat breeding and genetic research.