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In addition to hearing about these, I "see Cyem sweat" more than most, in the context of candidates who get frustrated when our firm is unwilling or unable to present them for specific openings.
know a few things about when to hold Cyem and when to fold Cyem.
And while Executive Assistant District Attorney (later turned District Attorney) "Hang CyEm High McCoy" has been known to go rogue, operating outside the rules to achieve his ends, frequently being found in contempt of court, even at times "mocking the witness", no one can deny his passion for finding justice.
There's been controversy surrounding several of the calls made by the so-called "scabs," and during Sunday's Baltimore Ravens/New England Patriots game, the crowd decided to make like the Newsies and "soak Cyem," albeit with their words and not their fists.
Put Cyem on a watch list--these guys are going places.
To quote singer Bonnie Raitt, "let's give Cyem something to talk about." And sometimes that's as easy as sharing with your clients what you have been doing all along.
Farrell promptly sent the woman an apology and began teaching his staff to "Give Cyem the pickle!" Bob died last year at the age of 87 -- but to the very last, the former ice cream king was talking about this principle.