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CYFSChild, Youth and Family Services (New Zealand)
CYFSCheck Your Faulty Spelling (polite form)
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And we were able to talk through all that, and what I was going to do and what CYFS would want to know and then we need to work from there, and that is my role.
This extract highlights Plunket nurses' ethical considerations, and obligations to notify CYFS in cases of family violence.
In addition to ensuring the mother was kept safe and well-informed about options for support, a major consideration for the nurse was ensuring the safety of the child and, if necessary, making a referral to CYFS.
I wrote a report of concern to CYFS and filed it in the notes.
2) Has resulted in many parents being subjected to harassment by police and by CYFS bureaucrats.
CYFS is the acronym for New Zealand's Child, Youth and Family Services.
Nationally, there has been a decline in the absolute numbers of young offenders being placed in a CYFS residence.
The goal of reducing residential placements was achieved both through a reduction in the use of Supervision with Residence Orders by the court and through changes in practice by CYFS.
These changes appear to reflect limits on the resources available to manage family group conferences in CYFS and the need for improved communication and coordination between CYFS and Police in some areas.
Bolton urges anyone with a concern to "own it", action it by assess if it should be reported to the CYFS or the police.
There is no system of child protection supervision in New Zealand yet, so we encourage people to run their concerns past a CYFS social worker--don't discuss it over a coffee break and decide not to do anything," Duffy says.
CYFS is required to inform those who have made a notification of the outcome and the three nurses stress the importance of following up with CYFS if they have not heard back.