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CYGCommonwealth Youth Games (Commonwealth Games Federation; London, England, UK)
CYGCincinnati Youth Group (Ohio)
CYGCrazy Yoda Games (video games)
CYGChristadelphian Youth Group
CYGConventional Yellow Grease
CYGCTBTO (Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization) Youth Group (Austria)
CYGCornwall Youth Games (Cornwall, England, UK)
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The disclosure said the joint venture would act as an 'accelerator,' with DFNN and CYG collaborating to deploy 'robust, scalable and proprietary' technology solutions and services.
Strangers in Cygnus Object Type Mag(v) Size/Sep NGC 6833 Planetary nebula 12.1 1"- 2" Berkeley 53 Open cluster -- 6.0' Espin 999 Double star 9.8,10.7 3.2" NGC 7031 Open cluster 9.0 6.0' Sh 2-121 Emission nebula -- ~1' Sh 2-120 Emission nebula -- ~1' NGC 7058 Moving group 7.2 7.0' NGC 6914 Reflection nebula -- 6.3'X 4.9' vdB 132 Reflection nebula -- 5.0'X 3.2' Dolidze 8 Open cluster 8.4 5.4' vdB 131 Reflection nebula -- 4.6' x 3.4' Cyg 0B 2 #8 Multiple star 9.0,10.6, 9.4", 38.0", 18.2" 9.9,11.0 Object RA Dec.
Despite the Clarkes' close relationship with Kelly and the CYG, they inhabited a very different world to the street crew.
Most weak metallic lines have P Cyg type profiles (a similar description was presented in [13] with no details).
Though again, the technique was to measure the position of 61 Cyg versus a distant star in a nearby direction, the method was quite different from Henderson's.
Forty-five seed from each lot were placed into CYG growth pouches (Mega International, Minneapolis, MN).
A detector deep in a mine in northern Minnesota has shown evidence for highly energetic particles coming straight to us from Cyg X-3 (SN: 4/11/87, p228).
HYBI Cyg Cymru - Meat Promotion Wales has been out tapping the UK market and capitalising on the interest in St David's Day, pushing the quality of Welsh Beef and Lamb.
(l-y) Mag(v) Izar [epsilon] Bootis 200 2.6, 4.8 Alkalurops AB [mu] Bootis 120 4.3, 7.1 Alkalurops BaBb [mu] Bootis 120 7.1,7.6 Rasalgethi [alpha] Herculis 350 2.7-3.6, 5.4 Albireo AB [beta] Cygni 400 3.2, 4.7 Albireo AaAc [beta] Cygni 400 3.4, 5.2 Delta Cyg AB [delta] Cygni 170 2.9, 6.3 Delta Cyg AC [delta] Cygni 170 2.9,12.0 Object Size/Sep RA Dec.