CYGNSSCyclone Global Navigation Satellite System (University of Michigan and Southwest Research Institute)
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"For storms that are changing really quickly, you could miss something like rapid intensification," said Christopher Ruf, principal investigator for CYGNSS and a climate science professor at the University of Michigan.
According to a message Principal Investigator Chris Ruf posted on the CYGNSS Launch Blog, the launch was successful, and they have "successfully contacted each of the eight observatories on [the] first attempt." The next step, of course, is to examine the data.
The CYGNSS constellation will be air launched from a Pegasus XL launch vehicle dropped from an L-1011 Stargazer aircraft.
CYGNSS will measure surface winds in and near the inner core of tropical systems, including regions beneath the eye wall and intense inner rain-bands that could not previously be measured from space.
"The deployments looked great - right on time," ( said John Scherrer , CYGNSS Project Manager.
These OSSEs will quantify the impact and optimize the use of various proposed and operational observing systems, including Geo-HSS and GNSS/RO, as well as MW sounders in GEO, UAS, CYGNSS, DWL (Baker et al.
CYGNSS will produce measurements of ocean surface winds throughout the life cycle of tropical storms and hurricanes, which could help lead to better forecasting of severe weather on Earth.
The data from CYGNSS could help scientists understand key air-sea interaction processes that take place near the core of storms.