CYGSCommunity Youth Gang Services
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We commend the board for taking a hard look at CYGS and hope board members apply the same rigorous standards to the remaining 55 community-based anti-delinquency organizations.
Thomas, who also is an attorney, scoffed at Valdivia's fears that the the newspaper commentary jeopardized CYGS personnel.
CYGS officials did not return a call seeking comment.
Studies now in progress at several universities, independent laboratories, and biotech companies continue to demonstrate the ability of the CYGS vector to synthesize single strands of sequence specific DNA in the nucleus of selected cell lines for Antisense purposes.
The Simian Immuno Virus (SIV) animal studies are intended to demonstrate the ability of the CYGS vector to synthesize pharmacologically significant titers of sequence specific, antisense competent ODN's in an animal model.
Elliston's responsibilities at CYGS overlap three critical areas", according to Executive Vice President, Dell Gibson.
CYGS has developed an effective delivery mechanism for anti-sense oligodeoxyribonucleotides (ODN's).
CYGS has exclusive rights to the ssDNA vector technology developed by Dr.
All proposals will be submitted to the CYGS Scientific Advisory Board for evaluation and approval.
Further details and references to specific patents are available on the CYGS website, www.
CYGS is currently conducting experiments to demonstrate that their ssDNA expression vector delivers antisense molecules into the cells of living animals, including humans, in sufficient quantities to be pharmacologically significant.
CYGS has revised the initial shipping date of the research kits to early 1999 as a result of the InGene expansion.