CYHACroatian Youth Hostel Association
CYHAChippewa Youth Hockey Association (Chippewa Falls, WI)
CYHACapital Youth Hockey Association (Latham, NY)
CYHACharlestown Youth Hockey Association (Charlestown, MA)
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Data on 17 quantitative stalk characters was recorded, namely, sprout count 1 and 2 months after planting (SPC1MAP and SPC2MAP), tiller counts 4 and 5 month after planting (TC4MAP and TC5MAP), stalk count 10 months after planting (STC10MAP), hand refractometer brix reading 10 months after planting (HRBrix10MAP), millable stalk count per hectare (MSCHA), single cane weight (SCW), number of internode (NOI), internode length (IL), stalk height (SH), stalk diameter (SD), leaf length (LL), leaf width (LW), leaf area (LA), cane yield quintal per hectare (CYHA), and sugar yield quintal per hectare (SY).
Regionwise partitioning of the variance indicated significant withinregion differences (p < 0.05) among the populations within almost all regions for the characters NOI, IL, SH, SD, LL, LW, LA, Brix%, Pol%, Purity%, SR%, MSCHA, SCW, CYHA, and SY; for 8 characters within Tigray; for TC4MAP and TC5MAP within Oromiya and SNNPR.