CYITCollege Year in Thailand (University of Wisconsin; Madison, WI)
CYITChina Youth International Travel
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CYIT selected the ZSP500 core for its unique ability to deliver quad-MAC capabilities in a very efficient footprint, low power consumption and best-in-class code density, making it ideal for the demands of high bandwidth 3G baseband processing and media-rich applications.
The ease-of-integration of the ZSP500 enabled our rapid development of a low-power, high-performance TD-SCDMA solution," said Neng Nie, chairman of CYIT and president of ChongQing University of Posts & Telecom.
We are pleased to collaborate with CYIT in the development of their next-generation chipsets targeting China's 4G networks," said Eran Briman, vice president of marketing at CEVA.
About CYIT Chongqing CYIT Communication Technologies Co.
CYIT is a leader in solutions supporting the Chinese 3G TD-SCDMA standard.
CYIT has been a leading developer of the Chinese Government backed "Home Grown" third-generation Mobile cellular communication standard and was the first to demonstrate a TD-SCDMA based mobile phone prototype in 2003.
Through the ARM(R) Foundry Program, CYIT will adopt the processor to develop chips designed specifically for the domestic 3G standard, TD-SCDMA, which is quickly gaining momentum in China.
CYIT was the first in the world company to demonstrate a TD-SCDMA-based mobile phone prototype, in June 2003.
The Synopsys low-power design flow allowed us to put our first UPF-based low-power design into production much faster than we anticipated," said professor Zheng Jianhong, vice president of Technology at CYIT.
To address the design's multiple multi-voltage blocks, CYIT utilized a hierarchical low-power flow with power intent definition described in UPF.
CYIT TECHNOLOGIES selected a Vivante GPU core for its unique ability to deliver smart-phone caliber user interface capabilities in a very efficient footprint and with low power consumption, making it ideal for the cost-sensitive, high bandwidth 3G baseband processing and media-rich applications enabled by TD-SCDMA.
Wei-Jin Dai, President and CEO of Vivante, added, "TD-SCDMA is a very important market for Vivante, and we are pleased that CYIT TECHNOLOGIES has selected our GPUs for their designs.