CYKCocke-Younger-Kasami (parsing algorithm)
CYKConsider Yourself Kissed
CYKClean Yield Kilogram (trade statistic)
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[45.] Lung CYK, Matinlinna JP Aspects of silane coupling agents and surface conditioning in dentistry: An overview", Dental Materials, 2012; 28(5): 467-77.
O-words containing stops and referring to short and abrupt sounds bach bek bec bek brzdek brzek buch bul bum bums bzdzic bzik chap chlap chlast chlip chlup chlust chrochtac chrostac chrup chrzaknac cmok cyk cyt czknac czlap fuk gda gruch gul hop huk kap klak klap klaskac klik klop klump kolnac kolatac kop krach krop krzaknac ku ku kwa kwo lkac lub lup op pac pach pac palnac pam parsknac pek pif paf plask plop plum plusk pok pok prask pruk prztyk pst psyk puch pum pyk pyr pyrk rabnac siaknac siekac skrzek smagac smak stek strzal stuk szast prast szczek szczkac tchnac tfu tik tak trach tryk trzask tst tup 3.2.
If you find it embarrassing to arrive at a party late knowing you're going to have to kiss everybody, you can instead wave your hands in the air, shouting "CYK" (Consider Yourself Kissed).
CALL MY PISCES LINE TO HEAR MORE 09044 700 732 CYK T&Cs: Astrology calls cost 65ppm.
LIVE Your destiny will be revealed in the cards TAROT 0906 174 3686 Credit Card Bookings 0800 063 0877 CYK Astrology calls cost 75p per min.
CALL MY PISCES LINE TO HEAR MORE 0904 470 0732 CYK T&Cs: Astrology calls cost 65ppm.
CYK MoM: Mike Williamson OMAR MIRZA WELL that was textbook Newcastle United, bringing us all back down to earth with a massive bump.