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CYLONCybernetic Lifeform Node (fictional creature; Battlestar Galactica)
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The space shoot-outs between the Vipers and Cylon fighters feel distinctly second-rate compared with other sci-fi offerings and the clunky Cylon robots don't put in too many appearances throughout the series.
According to the company's press release: "The Cylon Centurion replicas were both molded and hand-sculpted to perfection in (Fred) Barton's Los Angeles studios using an original costume from the 1970s and a computer-generated, automated foam-cut Cylon, which was scaled to the imposing height of 7 feet.
Over in the enemy Cylon camp, things aren't so rosy either as the machines fall out with each other (never good).
In Galactica, Sharon, the Cylon who shoots Adama, is killed by Cally, the female engineer.
That's probably not much less obvious or satisfying, by this show's standards, than her actually being the final Cylon, but -- well, yes it is.
Moore's "'To Be a Person': Sharon Agathon and the Social Expression of Individuality," a discussion of the concept of identity as it relates to Kierkegaard's theories on personhood; Alison Peirse's "Uncanny Cylons: Resurrection and Bodies of Horror," a new interpretation of the concept of the uncanny as it relates to the horror of the Cylon bodies; Matthew Gumpert's "Hybridity's End," an exploration of hybridity as it relates to Donna Haraway's cyborg theories and Homi Bhabha's post-colonial theory; and Christopher Deis's "Erasing Difference: The Cylons as Racial Other," an effective and interesting essay on the problems with creating a racially colorblind world in a racially-divided society.
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The hit sci-fi saga bows out with what's billed as an emotional double bill, followed by a documentary retrospective on highlights from four seasons of Cylon wars.
It helps if you're heavily invested in the series, as this mythology-heavy episode jumps back as far as 41 years ago to Adama's early days in the Cylon War.
With lurching controls, an unreasonably limited field of view, and fewer than a dozen laconic space battles in which players can frak it up in primitive approximations of their favorite Galactica or Cylon fighters, this title bears as little resemblance to a quality vidgame as it does the TV series on which it's allegedly based.