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CYMCentre for Young Musicians (London, UK)
CYMCayman Islands (ISO Country code)
CYMChildren & Youth Ministry (various locations)
CYMCycling Manager (computer game)
CYMChristian Youth Ministries (UK)
CYMCentre Yoga Massage (French: Yoga Massage Center; Belgium)
CYMCheck Your Mail (also: See Your Mail)
CYMCyan Yellow Magenta (color model)
CYMConscious Yoga Movements
CYMCalendar Year Maximum (insurance)
CYMChristian Youth Movement
CYMCymru/Cymric (Wales)
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Signed: MADELINE LYNCH Club Secretary, Terenure Sports Club (formerly CYM Sports Club) 54 Terenure Road North, Terenure Dublin 6W Dated this 26th day of August 2017 JOHN L.
The CYM centre serves the Midlands and the North in providing degree-level professional training in Christian family ministry and youth ministry.
One was filed before the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) to cancel the licences of CYM International and 11 other agencies.
A memo issued by RTA to Al Tomooh, the local counterpart agent of CYM, a copy of which was obtained by XPRESS, states that the agency takes no responsibility "in case of hiring drivers through recruitment agencies on visit visas".
En diciembre de 2002 le compro al senor Balestra su empresa Grupo CYM, Division Comercial, fabricante de "codos", las partes que unen las tuberias.
Linda Tomaganuk, 20, one of the youth that received CYM training in Anchorage, Alaska, last summer, initially participated to receive credits toward a high school diploma.
THE DISTRICT COURT DUBLIN METROPOLITAN DISTRICT IN THE MATTER OF THE REGISTRATION OF CLUBS (IRELAND) ACT, 1904 TO 2000 AND THE INTOXICATING LIQUOR ACT 1998 APPLICATION FOR RENEWAL OF CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION CYM SPORTS CLUB TAKE NOTICE that I, FIONIA WILSON, Secretary of CYM Sports Club, whose premises are situate at 54 Terenure Road North, Terenure, Dublin 6W, in the Court Area and District aforesaid intend to apply to the District Court No.
For new season details, text NTWY5 ENG - or in Welsh it's NTWY5 CYM - to 61211
It just needs one bolshy policeman in some far-out place in Spain who doesn't recognise SCO or CYM or who is looking to make a name for himself to cause a lot of problems.
POBOL Y CYM Ed and Sioned visit the restaurant that Andrew's investing in, and even though Ed refuses, Sioned is taken in and invests a large sum of Ed's money.
British drivers could also include the letters ENG, SCO and CYM on plates, he added as he unveiled new-style plates outside the Department of Transport, Local Government and the Regions in central London.