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While not considered as hazardous as the Cymag, this can also be dangerous if it is ingested or comes into contact with skin.
Detective Sergeant Tony Elliott said: "We urgently need to trace the location of the tubs of Cymag and sheep dip.
Cymag, which contains cyanide, is so strong that it can seep through the skin of anyone who ingests it and pollute the air so quickly that anyone else standing nearby is likely to die.
It probably started with some spontaneous ignition among second-hand sacks on the second floor, it certainly did not start in our "cymag", of which we had 30 tons stored on parts of the third and fourth floors.
He said the poison Yaltox could lead to a painful and gruesome death, while Cymag gave off highly toxic gases and was said to have been responsible for the deaths of numerous people over the years.
Cymag is a particularly devastating chemical, which kills off everything downstream of where they chuck it in.
A good poacher normally puts a bit of cymag in a sock so that you only kill three or four fish.
Miss Samson said two tins of Cymag - - sodium cyanide - which is dangerous to people, were found in Stewart's garage.
The use of Cymag, a cyanide-based poison produced for gassing rabbits, is even worse.
Ingle, who thought Baxter was joking, suggested injecting a poison called Cymag into the old man's milk.