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realistic cho cymb sou vs i o UP g b ou they In order for guitarists to get the best overdriven sounds out of their amplifiers, they need to be turned up to 11.
967 Andlang Osrices pulle baet hit cymb on ducan seabe; of ducan seabe baet hit cymb on Rischale.
This immediately recalls Enobarbus's description of the same incident in Antony and Cleopatra (II.ii.191-204):(4) common ideas are traced, as `cloth of gold' (Antony and Cleopatra II.ii.199) becomes `silk and silver' (Cymb. II.iv.69) and the notion of ekphrasis implicit in Enobarbus's narration (`[o]'er-picturing', line 200) iS displaced to an actual picture as Iachimo also evokes a scene which is not immediately present to his interlocutor.