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This was made evident, one day, when a political procession, with hundreds of flaunting banners, and drums, fifes, clarions, and cymbals, reverberating between the rows of buildings, marched all through town, and trailed its length of trampling footsteps, and most infrequent uproar, past the ordinarily quiet House of the Seven Gables.
In the distance, one could see a long wavering line of torches drifting down the main street, and could hear the throbbing of the bass drum, the clash of cymbals, the squeaking of a fife or two, and the faint roar of remote hurrahs.
But now, immediately before the third quatrain or chorus, sung fortissimo, with emphatic raps of the table, which gave the effect of cymbals and drum together, Alick's can was filled, and he was bound to empty it before the chorus ceased.
After a dramatic succession of Letters of Intent from multiple parties, Cymbal and Sirkin announced today that noted master chef Brian Nasajon of midtown's Beaker & Gray as the new tenant for this location at 3470 N.
Scenes from the trailer for Seizure, a horror film by movie makers Jamie Cymbal and Ryan Simons, of Quickfoot Films in Huddersfield
A drumstick has a configuration that gives it a response on the cymbals and on the drums," he said in an interview for the Messe Frankfurt trade fair.
Mostly, the instrumentalists play a few notes or extract noises by various means from cymbal or drum.
But she says as she was leaving, owner Kevin Smith walked up to her and struck a large cymbal with force at least twice, saying: "Imagine that all the time.
The square dc-block bandpass filter provides size reduction about 13% less than the conventional cymbal dc-block bandpass filter.
Employers and employees alike should be reminded of how the cymbal business continues to both make lovely music and remain resolutely quiet at the same time.
Cleaver did some exceptional drumming here, including some moving mallet work on cymbals and some extended play on hand-held percussion instruments.
I haven't quite figured out what I'm going to use for the Sex Cymbal yet," Weller says with a laugh.