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CYMKCyan-Yellow-Magenta-Black (color model)
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Full Color - CYMK process color with digital color profiles.
Until now, it has been impossible for photographers to have such unbridled control over their images, with a full range of professional print types, from digital C-Type archival prints to Epson Giclees and CYMK proofs.
Southern National won in May for its "Bebe" poster, a 48 inch by 68 inch back-lit bus shelter sign printed CYMK on Opaline.
The optional HP Advanced Profiling Solution software, which has also been developed within the HP and X-Rite partnership includes X-Rite ProfileMaker intelligent gamut mapping algorithms and takes color sophistication one step further by adding the capability to calibrate monitors, and create and edit highly accurate CYMK profiles using X-Rite's patented built-in Small Testchart Technology.