CYMPChymosin Pseudogene
CYMPCorporate Young Manager Programme (EADS traineeship programme)
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(1) The ECEW's work is directly connected to the Children and Youth Master Plan (CYMP), which was approved in June 2014 by the Alexandria City Council and the Alexandria City School Board.
The Federal Government in the recent past had helped facilitate the development of the CYMP. This multiyear planning was done jointly by the Federal Government, Provinces and Partner agencies to strengthen the delivery of routine immunization services to the mother and child.
Reid 2004 CYMP Stauroneis anceps Ehrenberg 1843 SA Stauroneis nana Hustedt 1957 STNA Stauroneis phoenicenteron (Nitzsch) Ehrenberg 1843 SPH Stauroneis schimanskii Krammer in Krammer STSH & Lange-Bertalot 1985 Stauroneis aff.schimanskii Krammer in Krammer STAH & Lange-Bertalot 1985 Epithemiaceae Epithemia adnata (Kutzing) Brebisson 1838 EZ Epithemia turgida (Ehrenberg) Kutzing 1844 ET Epithemia sp.