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Upon receipt of financing, CYOP intends to begin marketing activities to existing portals online gaming operators as well as to traditional casinos outside of the USA.
This type of gaming is expected to dominate the future and create an entirely new industry overtaking I-Gambling's dominant position in North America - CYOP Systems International Inc.
Patrick Smyth, CEO of CYOP, noted, "Our exploration of various tactical alternatives is an effort to maximize shareholder value whilst using our assets and capabilities in the eCommerce marketing and operations.
CYOP believes that it will be able to capture a small market share of the industry within the next twelve months equating to significant revenues.
CYOP is establishing its platform as the most progressive channel offering, and will be granting customers access to the network through a number of sophisticated entry points.
CYOP believes that by entering the European sector in the early stages, that it may have an advantage given its experience as an iGaming software developer, marketer and operator.
Patrick Smyth, President of CYOP, commented that; "Online games raked in $960 million in 2003, according to research firm 'The Themis Group'.
Patrick Smyth, CEO of CYOP, commented, "The Company intends to target opportunities outside the USA enabling the Company to be amongst first to market in emerging areas of opportunity.
Mitch White concurrently resigned from CYOP Systems International Inc.
Gaming is a mainstream industry, and CYOP represents a branch of that new commerce.
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In the agreement, Ganymede shall provide CYOP with 11 games, including 6 versions of Pool and Snooker.