CYP1ACytochrome P450 1A
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Induction of CYP1A by a diterpene quinone tanshinone IIA isolated from a medicinal herb Salvia miltiorrhiza in C57BL/6J but not in DBA/2] mice.
At various time points, larvae were analyzed for CYP1A activity, BaP concentrations, nuclear and mitochondrial DNA damage, and liver pathology.
Other studies showed that tanshinone IIA may cause inhibition of human and mouse CYP1A2 activity in vitro (Ueng et al., 2003) and CYP1A induction in certain strains of mouse in vivo (Ueng et al., 2004).
There was, however, a significant positive association between TSH levels and PCBs grouped by their ability to induce UDP-GT, CYP1A, and CYP2B.
In addition, we created a priori another mechanism-based grouping of PCBs according to their ability to induce UPD-GT, CYP1A [or 7-ethoxyresorufin-O-deethylase (EROD)] and CYP2B [or 7-pentoxyresorufin-O-dealkylase (PROD)] in mammals.
Although there is no evidence of cytochrome P450 (CYP450)-dependent reactions in the metabolism of MPH in humans, Le Nedelec and Rosengren (2002) have found that MPH decreased total hepatic CYP450 in the mouse and altered the catalytic activity and/or the polypeptide levels of CYP1A, CYP2E1, and CYP3A.
Her research is elucidating mechanisms underlying the very marked, and totally surprising, synergy that has been previously observed between PAHs that act as AHR (aryl hydrocarbon receptor) agonists and PAHs that act as CYP1A (cytochrome P450 1A) inhibitors on cardiovascular development in zebrafish embryos.
Synthesis of polybrominated diphenyl ethers and their capacity to induce CYP1A by the Ah receptor mediated pathway.
Heat-shock protein (Hsp70) and cytochrome P-450 (CYP1A) in the white mullet Mugil curema (Pisces:Mugilidae) as biomarkers to assess environmental quality in coastal lagoons.
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