CYP4Cytochrome P450 Family 4 (hemoprotein)
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Double-stranded RNA uptake through topical application, mediates silencing of five CYP4 genes and suppresses insecticide resistance in Diaphorina citri.
Characterization of five CYP4 genes from Asian citrus psyllid and their expression levels in Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus-infected and uninfected psyllids.
CYP4 Gene Expression Analysis and CYP4 Protein Levels from Uninfected and Las-Infected D.
The relative transcription levels of 5 CYP4 genes, CYP4C67, CYP4DA1, CYP4C68, CYP4G70, and CYP4DB1, were determined using qPCR from uninfected and Las-infected D.
Correlation of Las-Infection Status and CYP4 Transcript Levels and CYP4-Related Protein Expression in Las-Infected D.
citri populations, the relative abundance values of the remaining 4 CYP4 transcripts were significantly down-regulated in Las-infected compared with uninfected D.