CYPSChildren and Young People's Services
CYPSChildren, Young Persons and their families Service
CYPSCyfrowe Przetwarzanie Sygnalów (Polish: Digital Signal Processing)
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The CYPS report viewed in the light of the above discussion
In this respect, it is worth looking more closely at the CYPS report (Sergeant, 2006) mentioned earlier.
The figure of 6,500 cited in the CYPS report clearly applies to those who were aged 16 or more.
One of the authors (ADH) has worked with dozens of young adults in this situation and, in his experience, much of what is described in the CYPS report simply does not ring true for most care leavers, even those who need help with accommodation.
The outcomes charted in the CYPS report do apply to a few but do not reflect the majority of young people's real-life experiences.