CYPSChildren and Young People's Services
CYPSChildren, Young Persons and their families Service
CYPSCyfrowe Przetwarzanie Sygnalów (Polish: Digital Signal Processing)
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Meanwhile, there are already national targets for those with an eating disorder - being in treatment within a week for urgent cases or within four weeks for more routine cases - and these are being met by CYPS.
In the oxidative biotransformation ofxenobiotics, including drugs and other lipophilic exogenous compounds [83], CYP acts in Phase I, catalyzing the oxidation of substrates [84] and promoting metabolic activation of chemical carcinogens through the actions of the CYP2E1 [85], CYP4B1, and CYP4F12 enzymes [47, 52, 86].
Moreover, inter- and intraspecies variability of CYP structures results in unique profiles of enzyme activities, which influence the therapeutic action of drugs metabolized by CYPs.
Developed PK model enabled both generation of individual patient data (drugs' time-concentration profiles with corresponding values of physiological parameters influencing PK, e.g., CYP abundance) and simulation of individual pseudoECG signals dependent on i.a.
Levels of EETs depend not only on hydrolysis to dihydroxyeicosatrienoic acids (DHETs) by sEH but also on their production by CYPs. Therefore, decreased CYP2J2 expression and increased sEH expression likely attenuate the protective effect by reducing the production of EETs.
Cytochrome P4501A1 (CYP1A1) of the CYP family can be detected in many tissues, including breast epithelium [9, 10].
And there was a potential guidance on clinical drug combination that oldenlandia diffusa might be considered as a safety combination drug with five CYPs metabolism drugs in clinical.
Michelmore et al., "Association of aromatase (CYP 19) gene variation with features of hyperandrogenism in two populations of young women," Human Reproduction, vol.
These results demonstrated that the reduced hepatic expression of CYPs observed in the IH-exposed rats may be attributed to the lowered synthesis and nuclear translocation of GR.
Phytochemical investigation of Tunisian Salicornia herbacea L., antioxidant, antimicrobial and cytochrome P450 (CYPs) inhibitory activities of its methanol extract.
Liver S9 is a robust source of CYPs enabling the bioactivation of EAS.