CYSHCalendar Year Salary History
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The corresponding changes in intracellular CYSH and GSH in AM and LNC in relation to the saline control are shown in Figure 2.
Figure 3 shows the effects of DEP exposure on the capacity of AM to generate CYSH and GSH.
The ex vivo incubation with cystine increased CYSH production 2-fold, suggesting that these cells have the capacity to take up and convert cystine to CYSH.
Figure 5 shows that DEP exhibited relatively strong affinities toward cystine, moderate absorptive capacity toward CYSH and GSH, but no effect on GSSG.
The results of our study are consistent with the concept that CYSH and GSH may play a dual role in DEP-induced pulmonary immune/inflammatory responses.
To provide more insight into DEP effects on cellular regulation of thiols, AM and lymphocytes from saline and DEP-exposed animals (72 hr after exposure) were isolated and tested for their production of CYSH and GSH (Figures 3 and 4).