CYVMVCroton Yellow Vein Mosaic Virus
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tabaci per plant were required to achieve 100 per cent infection of CYVMV (Mandal, 1989) and cotton leaf curl virus (CoLCV) in cotton (Nateshan et al., 1996).
En especies ornamentales, se han reportado nueve geminivirus: abutilon mosaic virus (AbMV), acalypha yellow mosaic virus (AYMV), ageratum yellow vein virus (AYVV), croton yellow vein mosaic virus (CYVMV), eupatorium yellow vein virus (EpYVV), euphorbia mosatc virus (EuMV), honeysuckle yellow vein mosaic mosaic (HYVMV), tobacco leaf curl virus (TLCV) y tomato yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV) (Albouy y Devergne, 2000).