CYWECharlotte Youth Wind Ensemble (University of North Carolina; Charlotte, NC)
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in Darfur as C[pounds sterling]extremely fragile,C[yen] Eliasson declared: "CyWe have said that [the humanitarian situation is precarious] many
"Business managers think, CyWe sell tires or soap or air time, and this guy is coming in and telling us we need to improve working capital.
"The Cywe always do it this way' justification doesn't make sense because IPRs are a replacement for litigation, so one would think that litigation standards would apply to IPRs as well," King said.
Pointing to the activity among personal auto insurers in the fourth quarter of 2015 to strengthen 2014 reserves, Paul says, "They just saw something in the reserves for 2014 where they said, CyWe have to reverse all this.
Hartley concurs: "You know, when we finally sit down across the table with people from the carriers, we both have the same goal, and every company we have met with has said, CyWe want to find those peoples' beneficiaries,' and it just takes us putting the process in place, which is what we do quite frankly to make sure those beneficiaries get paid."
"We have gone to such an extent that when a document gets scanned, we name it with a variety of conventions so when the regulators come in to perform an audit and they say, CyWe want to see all 529s opened between 2007 and 2009,' with a push of a button we can grab all those documents electronically, send them to the government and we're done."
"I can see there'd be a lot of benefit to putting a campaign on social media that says, CyWe experienced some sort of service disruption.
Yet, to the states seeking to ban same-sex marriage, Justice Kennedy said that the reasoning behind including same-sex couples can be argued: "Same-sex couples say, of course: CyWe understand the nobility and the sacredness of the marriage.
"Their attitude is often CyWe have to do these updates because audit is asking for them,' rather than CyI'm doing this to make sure I achieve my performance goals.'"
"Almost every time, I say, CyWe work on three different processes: Tax efficiency, wealth accumulation and estate planning,'" she says.
In that moment, we forever bonded over the thrill of the Cywe can have it all' illusion.
"While I was sitting on a bench with Glenn's other clients, he came out and said, Cywe don't think we'll need you guys.