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aureus PDB 0.199 0.187 0.198 SDB 0.217 0.211 0.203 MEB 0.232 0.275 0.3 CZB 0.249 0.234 0.269 0.192 0.177 0.189 0.898 0.901 0.881 A A A.
The rate of two-cell stage development for reconstructed oocytes in the current study was higher than previous studies that used different culture media such as CZB (6), (25) and KSOM (25), (27).
Modified Chatot, Ziomek, and Bavister (CZB) medium was used for culturing parthenogenetic embryos at 37[degrees]C, 5% C[O.sub.2] in an air atmosphere.
The reconstructed embryos were cultured in CZB (murine medium) or CR1aa (bovine medium).
The developmental potential of the murine-bovine iSCNT embryos were investigated under either the CR1aa or the CZB. In addition, the murine-bovine iSCNT embryos were cultured either in the CR1aa only or in the CR1aa until 72 h and then in the CZB henceforth (sequential medium).
To determine the optimal in vitro culture medium for the murine-bovine interspecies somatic cell nuclear transfer (iSCNT) embryos, the generally used bovine embryo culture medium, CR1aa, and the murine embryo culture medium, CZB, were compared.
Since the murine-bovine iSCNT embryos cultured in the CZB medium were all arrested at 8-cell stage, which is the stage of developmental block in bovine embryos, the sequential culture of the murine-bovine iSCNT embryos were attempted.
Results in this study also present empirical evidence to support that CR1aa might be a more effective medium than CZB (mouse medium) in the murine-bovine iSCNT.