CZCCalifornia Zoroastrian Center (Westminster, CA)
CZCComfort Zone Camp (bereavement for children)
CZCCoastal Zone Canada (conference; Coastal Zone Canada Association)
CZCCambridge Zen Center (Cambridge, MA)
CZCChromated Zinc Chloride
CZCCoastal Zone Consistency
CZCC2C Zeolite Corp. (Peachland, Canada)
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A CZ Custom 85 combat trigger, modified CZ Shadow extended magazine release, CZC stainless steel guide rod and 14 lb.
There are three bodystyles from which would-be Colt customers can choose - three and five-door hatchbacks will suit most but there's also the rather gender-specific CZC cabrio model with its metal folding roof, the only variant to feature the 107bhp version of the 1.
For the first time, the CZC Association gave voice to Canadian Inuit for the purpose of understanding their views, their unique knowledge, and their needs as they adapt to the changing conditions.
Better still, the company is in the throes of giving one CZC away free each weekend until the end of March, as anyone who test drives any Mitsubishi is entered into a Colt draw.
Although winter is not the usual time of the year to go shopping for a convertible, the wacky CZC (below) is a bit of a bargain.
It was a smart move because the CZC isn't merely a spirited performer - especially in high powered Turbo guise - but it drives and handles with agility and boasts some terrific design features too.
4 percent increase over the year ago total due to strong sales of the Colt CZC cabriolet model.
The CC version of the 207 has been strongly anticipated as the outgoing 206 CC, which went on sale at the start of 2001, established the trend for small convertibles with folding metal roofs typified by the Nissan Micra C+C and Mitsubishi Colt CZC.
And for those who are still considering joining the club there is a newcomer to the small convertible tin-tin line-up - the Mitsubishi Colt CZC.
8220;Sponsoring this Golf Classic is a great way to support CZC which provides a safe, healing environment for kids who have lost a parent or other loved one,” said Paul Holmes, managing partner for the Raleigh office of New York Life, sponsor of the Golf Classic.
Driven by this need, encouraged by the presence of the prime minister in the North and the federal government's commitment to invest in the North, and mindful of important advances through Canada's Oceans Act and implementation of Phase I of the Oceans Action Plan, the participants of CZC '06 call on the federal government of Canada, and all provincial and territorial governments of Canada, to commit to a second phase of the Oceans Action Plan and incorporate the following:
Two other models are available - the CZC2 at pounds 10,399, and the CZC Turbo at pounds 15,999.