CZCSCoastal Zone Color Scanner
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The launch of CZCS in 1978 for ocean color measurements was based on many observations by NASA from aircraft platforms as a proof-of-principle [3,4].
The sphere they used at the Goddard Space Flight Center (NASA) for the CZCS calibration was of 76.2 cm diameter, and its circular aperture was 29.8 cm.
Estos resultados difieren del cociente [Cla.sub.i] : [Cla.sub.s] de 3.8 encontrado para el Peru por Chavez (1995) que indica que el satelite (CZCS) subestimo la clorofila in situ.
Otro de los factores que influyen en las diferencias de valores reportados via satelite e in situ se debe al tipo de bandas espectrales registrados, CZCS fue destinado a medir el color del oceano con 4 de las 6 bandas, de 20 nm de ancho, centradas en 443, 520, 550 y 670 nm.
Called the CZC, its hallmark is a sophisticated semi-automatic retractable steel hard top.
In order not to confuse the masses, Mitsie have restricted the CZC line-up to just two models.
Some cars do wonders for your street cred but if you are a red-blooded male the new Colt CZC is not one of them.
MITSUBISHI'S drop-top small hatchback, the Colt CZC, goes on sale in Britain in April, with aggressive pricing of pounds 13,999 for the CZC, and pounds 15,999 for the flagship CZC Turbo.
Regionalizacion del Golfo de California: una propuesta a partir de concentracion de pigmentos fotosinteticos (CZCS).
Sea surface temperature (SST) values were obtained by Coastal Zone Color Scanner (CZCS) from NOAA and chlorophyll a concentrations from the SeaWiFS Project, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center and ORBIMAGE.