CZGClaymore Zacks Growth
CZGCaswell, Zachry, Grizzard (fundraising consulting firm; Dallas, TX)
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Goldman Sachs Execution & Clearing, LP is the specialist for XGC, OTR, CZG and CZA and Kellogg Capital Group, LLC is the specialist for BMV, BES and BST.
The content of the guarantee must be placed statutory address CZG R-XXI, that is Deliberate Association of Municipalities of R-XXI, pl.
The contract is for a service consisting in collecting municipal waste from property owners, which inhabit the residents and property owners that do not reside residents and municipal waste generated, midwives in the commune Gryfice and their transport dostacji Transfer stations in Mokrawicy) under the Regional Installation Municipal Waste Processing in the region waste management CZG R-XXI.