CZIPClean Zone Interior Package
CZIPCompression Zip
CZIPCeramic Zigzag Inline Package
CZIPClean Zone Interior Package (automobile feature)
CZIPCapital Z Investment Partners (New York)
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To ensure the comparability of the two fluorescent deoxynucleotides for distinct labeling, miRNA synthetic templates were labeled using corresponding miRNA-specific oligonucleotides in two different cZIP combinations.
Sequences of ZIP oligonucleotides (immobilized on DNA microarray) and miRNA-specific oligonucleotides with cZIP (miRNA-specific sequences are illustrated in bold).
Specific primers attached to complementary ZIPs (cZIPs) are used for the specific labeling reaction.
The concordant results indicate that in the case of ZIP-code pair I/K variances might be based on variable ZIP binding efficiencies of the in silico designed D-DNA cZIPs. In these cases, respective ZIPs must be excluded from the microarray setup.
AQS is equipped with a sensor that automatically activates the air recirculation function if the concentrations of substances such as nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons in the air entering the cabin are too high, while CZIP provides an interior with materials that avoid collecting dust, such as natural rubber mats.
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Region de Aysen, Cochrane (JG-001); Region de Magallanes, Provincia de Magallanes, Estancia Palermo (CZIP 197), Isla Riesco (CZIP 203, CZIP 205), Peninsula de
Brunswick (CZIP 202, CZIP 206, CZIP 207), Agua Fresca (CZIP 190), Primera Angostura (CZIP 209); Provincia de Ultima Esperanza, Cerro Castillo (CZIP 193, CZIP 195, CZIP 201), Rio Serrano (CZIP 191).