CZJCatherine Zeta Jones
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I eat like a horse!" CZJ Realness: "It's a trade-off.
r Although CZJ has admitted in the past to being fed up of talking about her bipolar disorderr,r sayinga that she neve er intended tobe the "poster child" h for the condition, I hope she'll change her changeable,a complex, e naughty,y highlyl ficklec mind.
THE COUPLE OF THE YEAR AWARD CZJ and Michael Douglas, who celebrated their birthdays (on the same day) in September in typical outlandish style.
STARS* Kate and Wills, Michael Douglas and CZJ and the Beckhams
Lorna Slater, Edinburgh A The 2002 film won Miss CZJ the Best Actress Oscar for her portrayal of femme fatale Roxie Hart.
Meanwhile CZJ advised Charlotte to drop her Cardiff accent.
If youOve seen the Zorro flicks, youOll know not to get on the wrong side of CZJ. The Welsh woman has fire in her belly I something Michael Douglas is all too aware of.
Jaci Stephen, the Bridgend -born, Los Angeles-based entertainment writer tweeted: "Sad to see CZJ and Michael Douglas split."
CZJ is not alone - other celebrities including Stephen Fry and Ben Stiller have the disorder, and the Royal College of Psychiatrists estimates that around one in 100 adults has bipolar disorder at some point in their life.
Zellweger plays a wananbe performer who finds notoriety when she kills her husband, and tries to use the case to propel her to fame, while CZJ is established singer Velma, already in jail for a double murder herself.