CZOCollege Zorg Opleidingen (Dutch: College of Care Education; est. 2003)
CZOComprehensive Zoning Ordinance
CZOCollege Ziekenhuis Opleidingen (Dutch: College Training Hospital)
CZOCritical Zone Observatory (US NSF)
CZOComputerized Zoning Ordinance
CZOChesapeake Zoning Ordinance (Virginia)
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In order to satisfy the density bonus requirement of the CZO, developers are proposing a 5,500-square-foot public park on private property on the river side of the project.
The research was conducted as part of NSF's Intensively Managed Landscapes Critical Zone Observatory (CZO), one of a network of nine NSF CZOs across the country.
Added Richard Yuretich, NSF CZO program director, "using corn as a fuel source seems to be an easy path to renewable energy.
CZO scientists study how the critical zone responds to changes in climate and land use.