CZPCold Zero Power (nuclear power)
CZPCondenser Zone Plate (microscopy)
CZPCataract, Zonular Pulverulent
CZPCentrum Zaopatrzenia Poczty (Polish: Mail Supply Center)
CZPCombat Zone Professionals (gaming)
CZPCiej Zadawane Pytania (Polish: Frequently Asked Questions)
CZPConcept Z Performance (Phoenix, AZ)
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Despite efforts made by the Commission to assure overall governance during the CZP process and implementation, there are several elements that threaten its social acceptance and may impose a need to review it in the near future.
The good thing as far as we are concerned is that CZP have said that the jobs of the workers are safe," he said.
CZP do not have any other interests in the UK but it has a 60 per cent penetration into the Russian zinc market and so Brock fits well into its operational profile.
Mr Hooper said CZP intended to evaluate the company over the next few months before deciding on its future plans.
Evidence that supports the use of CZP in the treatment of RA is derived from three pivotal trials conducted in patients with moderately to severely active RA (nine or more swollen and tender joints).
The third study, FAST4WARD, (20) was planned to investigate the efficacy of CZP monotherapy in RA patients (N = 220) previously failing one or more DMARDs.
CZP can be administered as combination therapy with MTX or as monotherapy.
Three recent studies in RA were presented at EULAR (European League against Rheumatology) and ACR (American College of Rheumatology) in 2007 using CZP, a monotherapy study (2) in comparison to true placebo and two studies using CZP RAPID-I (3,4) and RAPID-II (5) in combination with methotrexate (MTX) in MTX-inadequate responders.
In terms of safety, there was an increase in serious infections in the groups receiving CZP versus MTX alone.
In contrast, CZP + MTX co-therapy inhibited joint destruction even in patients with these characteristics compared to MTX monotherapy.