CZPConcept Z Performance (Phoenix, AZ)
CZPCold Zero Power (nuclear power)
CZPCondenser Zone Plate (microscopy)
CZPCataract, Zonular Pulverulent
CZPCentrum Zaopatrzenia Poczty (Polish: Mail Supply Center)
CZPCombat Zone Professionals (gaming)
CZPCiej Zadawane Pytania (Polish: Frequently Asked Questions)
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Valproic acid (VPA) is typically the first pharmacological treatment for myoclonic seizures; however, its mitochondrial toxicity provides limitations for use in the treatment of mitochondrial disorders.[4],[5] Other commonly used agents include levetiracetam (LEV), clonazepam (CZP), zonisamide (ZNS), topiramate (TPM) and a high dose of piracetam.[2],[6] Recent evidence has supported the use of LEV as the first line of treatment for myoclonic seizures; however, the treatment effects have been unsatisfactory and inconsistent.[7],[8],[9] Therefore, additional clinical trials must be conducted to find more suitable treatments for myoclonic seizures in MERRF.
"More women with rheumatic diseases than CD had first-trimester-only or first- and second-trimester exposure to CZP, reflecting the differing clinical practice between CD and rheumatic diseases," the authors wrote.
For the period from July 2003 to January 2015, 275 RA patients with 449 treatment episodes were treated with IFX, ETA, ADA, CZP, GLM, ABT, TCZ, or Tofa at Nagasaki University Hospital.
Preparation BET surface Capacitance Energy density method area ([m.sup.2] (F [g.sup.-1]) (W h [kg.sup.-1]) [g.sup.-1]) CPS 1559 228 38 OHCZ 2440 246 8.5 CZ 1266 -- -- CZP 2114 -- -- Preparation Reference method CPS [44] OHCZ [87] CZ [85] CZP [85] Table 5: Specific capacitances and surface area of porous carbon synthesized through salt carbonization of different of different biomasses.
Despite efforts made by the Commission to assure overall governance during the CZP process and implementation, there are several elements that threaten its social acceptance and may impose a need to review it in the near future.
P4 is a long-term open label continuation of the Phase III PRECiSE 2 (P2) subpopulation assessing the long-term efficacy, safety and tolerability of CZP patients.
The good thing as far as we are concerned is that CZP have said that the jobs of the workers are safe," he said.
(4.) Canyon Zapata Project (CZP) data for 1999 are for a partial year.
RAPID3 (routine assessment of patient index data) severity categories and response criteria: Similar results to DAS28 and CDAI in the RAPID1 (rheumatoid arthritis prevention of structural damage) clinical trial of certolizumab pegol (CZP).
Net profit of CZP for 1Q 2011 by IAS formed 471 mn RUR (+3% y/y).
CZP output 39.6 thousand tons in 1Q 2011 (+3% Q/Q).
Net profit of CZP in 2Q 2010 formed 290 mn RUR, which is 28% lower than the profit of 1Q 2010.