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This result is consistent with the theory about the S-index (Dexter & Czyz, 2007), because there would be very little or no dependence on textural porosity (between particles), evidencing that the S-index depends on soil PoT, especially on MacroP, since it represents soil structural porosity (microcracks, microaggregates and biopores).
However, observers both from Poland and abroad have some doubts about the attainment of those directions because the experience shows that the achievement of the declared regional policy targets has been rather limited in Poland so far (Czyz and Hauke, 2011; Czyz, 2012; Ferry, 2013).
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Czyz knew her aunt had served in the Territorial Guard but never paid much attention to that part of her life.
Vincent Czyz; THE CHRISTOS MOSAIC; Blank Slate Press (Fiction: Thriller) 28.00 ISBN: 9781943075034
Author Vincent Czyz takes the reader through the backstreets of Istanbul, Antakya (ancient Antioch), and Cairo, to clandestine negotiations with wealthy antiquities smugglers and ruthless soldiers of fortune, to dusty Egyptian monasteries, on a nautical skirmish off the coast of Alexandria, and finally to the ruins of Constantine's palace buried deep beneath the streets of present-day Istanbul.
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Welsh light heavyweight Nicky Piper is famously a member of Mensa, as is American ex-world champion Bobby Czyz.