CaClCalcium Chloride
CaClControl Acl
CaClCanadian Association for Community Living (Lobby Group)
CaClCastle Clinton National Monument (US National Park Service)
CaClClass Attribute Complexity Local
CaClConcentrated Alarm and Control (NEC)
CaClComputer Aided Cable Listing
CaClCommittee on Admissions and Language Classification (International Association of Conference Interpreters)
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Effect of variation of ionic strength (Using Salt Cacl 2 ) on the reaction rate.
Cacl. for [C.sub.14][H.sub.16]Cl[N.sub.5]O (305.77): C, 54.99; H, 5.27; N, 22.90; Found: C, 55.15; H, 5.12; N, 23.13.
CCD and CACL caution that our collective response to this question must go far beyond the technical exercise of so-called 'safeguards.' "
Today these organizations are grouped under the national umbrella of the Canadian Association of Community Living (CACL).
Costs for their travel were fully covered by CACL with funding contributions from the Office for Disability Issues, of the Government of Canada, and from the Canadian International Development Agency.
Concentrations of 2,4-D, CaCl.sub.2 and acetosyringone were also critical factors.
The variables we use are total assets (ASSETS), adjusted for inflation; the ratios of current assets to current liabilities (CACL); plant, property, and equipment to total assets (PPE); total debt to total assets (DEBT); net sales to total assets (SALES); earnings before interest and taxes margin (EBITM); and return on assets (ROA).
The UK operations were strengthened by the acquisition of Manchester-based software consultants CACL, which added Birmingham City Council among others to DCS's customer base.
TABLE 1 Variables: Definitions and Expected Signs Model Variable Definition Dependent REPORT 1 if a going-concern audit report issued Control CFTL Cash Flow from Operations/Total Liabilities Control CACL Current Assets/Current Liabilities Control NIBTS Net Income Before Taxes/Net Sales Control LDTA Long-term Debt (incl.
"In coming years a defining characteristic will be our competencies in electronic commerce," stated Tim Robinson, chief executive of UK based IT services firm DCS Group explaining the reasoning behind the $1.6 million acquisition of Manchester UK based Lotus Notes/Domino and e-commerce company, Computer Advisory Centre (CACL).
The CLA Children's Book of the Year Award is presented by the Canadian Association of Children's Librarians (CACL), and sponsored by National Book Service.