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CAOCCombined Air Operations Center
CAOCConsumer Attorneys of California
CAOCCombat Air Operations Center (US DoD)
CAOCCoalition Air Operations Center (Saudi Arabia)
CAOCChief Acquisition Officers Council
CAOCCombined Aerospace Operations Center
CAOCCynicism about Organizational Change
CAOCChicago Area Orienteering Club (Illinois)
CAOCCathodal Opening Contraction
CAOCConstant Axial Offset Control
CAOCCommissioned Artistic Officials Committee
CAOCCitizens Action Organizing Committee (Cleveland, Ohio)
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Not only was he my deputy, but he was the director running the entire CAOC, and he was the most senior among all of the 200 or so coalition officers in the AOC.
CAOC, CRC, air defense sectors, AWACS, and air support operations center) that make up the TACS, along with the sister services' joint C2 systems (MACCS, Aegis, E-2D, etc.
Compounding issues, the small intelligence cell permanently assigned to the air policing CAOC at Poggio was insufficient in skill set and number for the new task of running a sophisticated kinetic air war.
This provides a seamless ISR execution structure and maintains CAOC centralized control over theater airborne assets.
In addition, for the first time naval aviators found themselves occupying key CAOC positions, ranging from the deputy combined-force air component commander (CFACC), then-rear admiral David Nichols, on down.
USNORTHCOM and the Joint Force Maritime Component Commander (JFMCC) North, which is Fleet Forces Command, provide a picture to the CAOC at Nellis Air Force Base, and up to the Pentagon.
Specialized teams and a cadre of support personnel kept the CAOC running 24 hours a day, providing war fighters with the realism of an actual operational theater.
The CAOC directed a helo crew from the Chilean ship Lynch to conduct a helo transfer, but the crew's efforts were unsuccessful.
A lot of what now goes on inside the CAOC we'll have to do in the back seat of an F/A-18 fighter jet.
The US Air Force marked the initial opening of the CAOC in June 2001 and made it fully operational by mid-July.
Last summer, in response to requests for comments on the proposed amendments, CAOC Legislative Counsel Nancy Peverini wrote to the Judicial Council urging wording changes that would extend the scope of the rules to "discovery materials, stipulated protective orders, settlement agreements, and related matters that are neither used at trial nor submitted as a basis for adjudication.