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CTNClinical Trials Network (NIDA)
CTNCompagnie Tunisienne de Navigation (French: Tunisian Navigation Company; Tunisia)
CTNCoefficient de Température Négatif (French: Negative Temperature Coefficient)
CTNCartoon Network
CTNComité Technique National (French: National Technical Committee)
CTNCorporate Telecommunication Network
CTNCertification Test Network
CTNCódigo Tributário Nacional (Brazilian National Tax Code)
CTNCargo Tracking Note (shipping)
CTNChristian Television Network
CTNCentral Test Node
CTNCommunity Television Network
CTNCommission Technique Nationale (French: National Technical Commission)
CTNCanadian Technology Network
CTNConsumers' Telecommunications Network (Australia)
CTNCroatia Airlines (ICAO code)
CTNCon Tinta Negra (Spanish: With Black Ink; Chile)
CTNCambodian Television Network
CTNCentre des Technologies Nouvelles (French: New Technologies Center)
CTNCable Television Network
CTNComputer Technology News (publication)
CTNCan't Talk Now
CTNCréations et Techniques Nouvelles (French: Creations and New Techniques)
CTNCertified Traditional Naturopath
CTNCounter-Terrorism Network (various organizations)
CTNCanadian Television Network (before 1962)
CTNCentral de Trabajadores de Nicaragua (Spanish: Nicaraguan Workers' Central)
CTNCountercurrent Tank (separators)
CTNCommercial Technology Network (NASA)
CTNCryptologic Technician Networks (Navy rating)
CTNCALS Test Network
CTNChristian Therapists Network
CTNCharity Trustees Network
CTNCall to Needle Time (healthcare performance indicator; UK)
CTNCampus Television Network (University College Dublin student run TV channel)
CTNCoordinated Timing Network (IBM)
CTNCustomer Telephone Number
CTNCellular Telephone Network
CTNCertification Test Network (NASA)
CTNCorporate Telecommunications Network
CTNCompensated Twisted-Nematic
CTNCase/Throat/Nozzle (rocket motor component)
CTNConsumer Trend News (online magazine)
CTNCritical Technologies Newsletter
CTNCertified Transplant Nurse
CTNComputerized Telephony Network
CTNCount-Transmission Number
CTNContactless Technology Network
CTNComposite Tactical Network
CTNCommercial Type Number
CTNChina Teanet
CTNCustomer Transaction Note
CTNCore Transmission Network
CTNContinuous Tone Negative(s)
CTNConfectionary, Tobacco and News (retail)
CTNComparable to None Entertainment (record label)
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The above mentioned rules were issued through a Gazette notification by the Ministry on February 27 this year, and were included in the existing provisions of the Cable Television Network Rules 1994, titled as Cable Television Network (Amendment) Rules 2009.
for the hybrid fiber optic and coaxial cable television network in a pilot project the communications giant hopes will attract 122,000 Ventura County customers within two years.
As the first ever cable television network geared toward hip hop lifestyle and culture, RHN will provide its audience with an innovative approach to challenge the negative images pervasive in hip hop by cultivating negative perceptions of misogyny, "gangster" images, and excessive violence as being the standard of this industry.
161, audio and video codec requirements for provision of bidirectional services over cable television networks using cable modems.
The Martial Arts Channel is the first family-friendly, 24-hour martial arts inspired cable television network providing a holistic connection to the world of martial arts.
Gospel Music Channel is the first, advertiser-supported cable television network dedicated to the rich history and contemporary sounds of gospel music, its many styles and artists.
This cable television network is located in Silesia (Southern Poland) with 4,300 CATV subscribers.
The Company's remaining non-core media businesses consist of one radio business operating in Hungary, Radio Szeged and one cable television network in Lithuania, Vilsat.
Nasdaq:CHTR) today introduced the nation's first All Digital cable television network to its customers in Long Beach and Signal Hill, Calif.
The Company's remaining non-core media businesses consist of 18 radio businesses operating in Finland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Estonia, and the Czech Republic and one cable television network in Lithuania.
The Company's remaining non-core media businesses consist of eighteen radio businesses operating in Finland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Estonia, and the Czech Republic and one cable television network in Lithuania.