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CACKConcealed Anterograde Conduction Through Kent Bundle
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The rest is history as Gallagher made some of his own by becoming the first cack - handed golfer to be crowned Scottish Amateur champion - and presumably the first Mickelson will have ever seen playing on tour.
Yanks in helmets and shoulder pads who'd cack themselves if they ever faced a proper rug by scrum.
For what it's worth, I think your husband was, however cack handedly, trying to cheer you up, not exchange you for a newer, younger model.
Whereas at ITV where money is tight all you can get commissioned these days is cack like this.
She's still searching for that elusive number one spot, which is not a real surprise, as her music is pretty much a load of cack.
New boss John Yorke must watch this cack through his fingers.
These chancers could win 25 grand for a pile of cack that is not even original.