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CACMCentral American Common Market
CACMCommunications of the Acm
CACMCollected Algorithms of the Acm
CACMCommunications of the Association for Computing Machinery
CACMCourt Administration and Case Management
CACMChemical Agent Contaminated Media (hazardous waste)
CACMCertified Associate Contracts Manager
CACMCourt Administration and Case Management Committee (Judicial Conference of the United States)
CACMConfused Aladdin Central Members (online gaming)
CACMCanine Agility of Central Minnesota, Inc
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The CACM that was applied in patients with coronary disease after hospitalization or percutaneous or surgical coronary intervention proved to be an effective strategy to reduce post-hospital complications.
Por lo que, para intentar solventar esta necesidad, se propuso a las autoridades del CACM, experimentar con una modalidad de capacitacion diferente a la que tradicionalmente venian ofreciendo: la educacion a distancia.
The TLC plates that were used to separate active compounds in CACM leave extract were directly mounted on to seed culture medium.
CARICOM, the CACM, and the DR-CAFTA have already been mentioned.
Si bien el panorama en los ochenta fue complejo en el CACM, en los noventa lo fue mas aun, pues en lo que concierne a la dimension de la investigacion hubo un crecimiento altamente significativo tanto en su produccion como en la diversidad de enfoques y tematicas, como indica Fuentes Navarro (2003) en su sistematizacion sobre la investigacion de la comunicacion en el periodo de 1995 a 2001.
Pero se puede observar una tendencia importante: en momentos en que parece institucionalizarse lo que se ha venido llamando el CACM coincide con la presencia de los estudios socioculturales.
Figure 5 shows recall-precision curve for the CACM collection for the two weighting schemes used.
After that, the CACM struggled as a unifying force for the region.
The key publications on the TDV indexing model are a Cornell technical report (Salton, 1974) that was republished a year later as a monograph (Salton, 1975), an article in the January-February 1975 issue of the JASIS (Salton, Yang, & Yu, 1975), and an article in the November 1975 issue of CACM (Salton, Wong, & Yang, 1975).
Some parallel proposals also point towards the conclusion of free trade agreements (FTAs) between some of these integration areas (eg, between the Andean Community and Mercosur or between the CACM and NAFTA).
The group of countries considered are: EU-15, NAFTA (3), CACM (6), CARICOM (10) and Cuba, MAGREB (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Libya), MASHREK (Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria), Other Mediterranean (Turkey, Cyprus and Malta).